Friday, February 4, 2011

Feature Friday: Maggie02

This week's featured artist is Maggie.

I for one have always been fascinated with anything fantasy, and her products can truly capture one's imagination. Below are just some of my favorite products from her store, but given that my taste might be different from yours, I encourage to browse her shop and see if you find other treasures that strike your fancy.

Poser Girl
A beautiful faerie, perched upon a flower, contemplating.

Skull in the Mirror
A human skull sits perched upon a table, looking into a small mirror

Stained Glass in Flight
These amber-colored faerie wings done in a stained glass design truly pop against the black background.

Faeries Gaze poster
Stunning, isn't she? This faerie is wearing a garland in her short blond hair; her big blue eyes gazing off into the distance.

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